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Our Aim

Welcome to Digital Preschool we aim to provide time saving resources which enable early childhood professionals to enhance learning and communication in their individual settings.  Our resources offer time effective ways of creating professional documentation.  Digital (computer based) or printed portfolios, posters, newsletters, games and room resources which incorporate images of children are engaging for children and parents and lead to maximized learning outcomes.

'(Teachers) must discover ways to communicate and document the children’s evolving experiences at school.  They must prepare a steady flow of quality information targeted to parents but appreciated also by children and teachers.  This flow of documentation, we believe, introduces parents to a quality of knowing that tangibly changes their expectations.  They re-examine their assumptions about their parenting roles and their views about the experiences their children are living and take a new and more inquisitive approach toward the whole school experience.’   Loris Malaguzzi Reggio Italy